Can you tell me more about my battery module?

The Fairphone 2 battery module is easy to take out and replace.

You will need to take out the battery if you want to take the display off as it locks the display module to the core module. 
When you (re)place the battery module, make sure the four contact points on top are touching the four contact pins. When the bar code is at the back, then it is in the right position to insert it in it’s housing.

Good to know:

  • If you haven't already, consult our tips and recommendations for improved battery life.  
  • Due to international transport regulations, a maximum of 2 batteries per order is allowed.  
  • From May 2018, we offer a new batch of batteries. Our previous battery manufacturer ended battery production. So we switched to a new supplier that met our expectations and demands.
    We have designed a new label for them to distinguish them easily from the former batches and to make better use of the possibilities of the transparent covers.
    The technical specifications of this refreshed battery are the same as the original battery. Scroll down for specific changes between the batches and pictures.

How to distinguish your battery:

FP2 Battery original

  • Serial number 1st batch previous factory starts with F21S

  • Serial number 2nd batch previous factory starts with F22S

  • Product number of original battery: FP2-BAT01 and 1ICP6/44/62

FP2 Battery refreshed

  • Serial number 1rst batch current factory starts with F21H

  • Product number of refreshed battery: FP2-BAT02 and 1ICP6/44/61



Image 1 and 2: Pictures of the front- and backside of the refreshed FP2 battery