How do I replace my see-through slim case?

We are aware that some units of the first production batch of the transparent and black translucent slim cases are susceptible to breakage. This may happen when the phone and its case did not experience pressure or fall damage. If this sounds familiar to you, we're sorry for the inconveniences this issue might cause. Please read on to get your case replaced in warranty.

How to replace

Should you have a broken transparent or black translucent slim case from this lot, we can provide you with a replacement. When you bought your case via a reseller, please contact your reseller first.

The SKU numbers of this lot are:

  • 8FP21COVR11-01A (transparent case)

  • 8FP21COVR10-01A (black translucent case)

  • 1FP22FPHN11-01A (FP2 with transparent case) 

  • 1FP22FPHN10-01A (FP2 with black translucent case)

To have it replaced
, please follow the next steps to let us know you need a replacement:

  1. Check if the shipping address in your account is correct. If not, please change it before you send the request

  2. Send us a request via this form as soon as you notice breakage and: 
    1. In the form, you choose a back cover version and colour from the drop down menu. Please select FP2 - colour black translucent or FP2 - colour transparent 

    2. Attach a sharp picture of the case and the damage, in .jpeg or .gif format

  3. We will send you 
a replacement case 

What happened?

The original hard coating process meant to provide additional protection against scratches has caused the material of some of the new transparent and black translucent production units to become less flexible and thus brittle. We've taken measures to adapt the process and fix this defect.


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