FP2. Sound modes


In some situations, you want to mute your phone to eliminate distractions.
Then, you can customize your sound mode!



  1. Press either the Volume-up or the Volume-down button. The volume slider will briefly appear on the right part of your screen.
  2. On top of the Volume slider, there will be a separate box
  3. Press it to quickly change between the three different settings
    1. sound.png Ring
    2. sound_vibration.png Vibrate
    3. sound_no.png Silent
  4. Additionally, you can press the cogwheel on the bottom of the Volume slider to quickly access all the sound settings.
    1. Alternatively, going to Settings Sound also works.
  5. Here you will also be able to enable and disable the Do not disturb mode. Make sure to examine all the settings to decide in which cases you wish to still receive notifications.
    1. Another way to enable Do not disturb mode is to swipe down twice, with one finger from the top of the display. This will open the notification panel. There you will find the Do not disturb icon. You might have to make sure it is shown by tapping on the Pencil icon.
    2. If you do not find it, you can simply go to Settings  Sound  Do not disturb.

Happy customizing!