FP2. Replace a module


The Fairphone 2 was designed to allow you to replace the parts that are more prone to failures and accidents.
Some repairs, like replacing the display or battery don’t even require any tool. For others - like the rear camera, receiver, and speaker units - you will only need a Philips screwdriver.

The relevant screws are color-coded in blue so you know which ones to remove.

Where to find a Philips screwdriver 

Check your toolbox, they usually include one. Possibly you already fixed one of the arms of your glasses with one of those. Otherwise, you may find one at your local tool store or on the web. Please note, Philips is not a brand name, but a screw shape.

How to replace a Fairphone 2 Module

Check out our video tutorial on ‘how to replace a module’ to help walk you through the process:

In the video above you see how to replace the top module of a Fairphone 2.

iFixit also offers guides for each separate module:

Note that if you are willing to replace a core module, and your phone is still in warranty, you need to contact us first. Make sure to mention the reason why you want to replace your core module.

When you’re still uncertain about a specific repair, you can always contact our support team.

Have fun!