FP2. SD card


The Fairphone 2 allows MicroSD cards of up to 64GB of all available formats: SD / SDHC or SDXC.

You can purchase an SD card in any electronics store.


Insert SD card

To insert an SD card in your Fairphone 2:

  1. Open the back of your phone
  2. Insert your MicroSD card in the MicroSD slot. The MicroSD slot is located on the top right of the back of the device, next to the SIM card slots.
  3. Put the back cover back on.
  4. Press the Power button to restart your phone
  5. A pop-up shows with two options:
    1. Use SD card as portable storage. This allows the storage of personal data such as photos. We recommend this option for the FP2.
    2. Use SD card as internal storage. This allows apps to store on your SD card.


Format SD card

Some SDXC type cards come in a certain format called exFAT. The Fairphone 2 does not support this format, but you can reformat your SD Card to a format called FAT32 (or other formats). There are multiple sources online to help you out with this. Here is one.

We advise to re-format your SD card with your phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Storage
  3. Select your SD card (do not click the triangle icon: it will eject your SD card)
  4. In the three-dot menu on the top right, select Storage settings
  5. Select Format.