FP2. Fairphone OS (Android 9 Pie)


Your Fairphone 2 runs on Fairphone OS (Operating System), based on Android (namely Android 9) and a set of Google Apps. You can download additional apps on your phone from the Play Store.
The operating system is what allows you to operate a device like a computer or a smartphone.

Since March 2021, we offer a Fairphone OS version for the Fairphone 2 based on Android 9 Pie.


With this Android 9 upgrade, we can continue to support the software of the Fairphone 2 for the foreseeable future as Google no longer supports Android 7.
With Android 9 we can continue to release updates and security fixes and so support the longevity of your device.
We recommend upgrading your Fairphone 2 to Android 9 so you will have:

  • a broader range of compatible apps
  • new features
  • improved security.


What is new?

Each new Android version also has new features. You can find the new features of Android 9 Pie via:


Android guides

In case you need more guidance on using Android, it can be quite helpful to consult:

Need more help than you can find in the mentioned resources? Our Customer Support team can help you out. Android 9 will be the final Android version for the Fairphone 2. We do not plan to upgrade the Fairphone 2 to Android 10 and beyond.

If you are interested in upgrading to a Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+, please have a look at our online shop.


What makes it unseen in the Industry?

The Fairphone 2 launched with Android 5. Later on, we delivered Android 6. This was the last Android version officially supported by the chipset manufacturer.

To provide software upgrades to an Android device is relatively straightforward, as long as the manufacturer of the SoC (System on Chip, basically our core module) supports it.
As SoC, Fairphone 2 uses a Snapdragon 801 made by Qualcomm. Qualcomm stopped providing support for the Snapdragon 801 after Android 6 (October 2017). From that point on, we were left on our own to support our beloved Fairphone 2.

An upgrade to Android 7 was released on the 13th of November 2018. Upgrading without chipset vendor support is challenging, and also a major achievement for a small company like us, as it's not common practice in the industry. For example, it is difficult to match the requirements for Google certification.

Updating Fairphone 2 to Android 9 has been an even greater effort. We are very happy that we can offer you this upgrade to Android 9.
The Fairphone 2 is probably the only Android smartphone released in 2015, out of 1,4 billion smartphones sold that year,
still receiving software and security updates.


How are we achieving this?

Our software team works together with an external partner and information that has come from the wider open source community.
We also
gained a lot from the experience from our previous update from Android 6 to Android 7.1.2 (unsupported by Google) which was also unheard of at the time.