FP2. Swap camera module

Follow these instructions to upgrade your Fairphone 2. 
For visual instructions, please check the iFixit guide.


  1. Update your Fairphone 2
  2. Get a Phillips #0 screwdriver (small cross-tip screwdriver) ready


Take the phone apart

  1. Power off your FP2
  2. Take the cover off
    1. Snap off the back cover from its rim
    2. Take the rim off the phone
  3. Take the battery out
  4. Slide the two bottom blue switches to the middle
  5. Slide the display towards the bottom of the phone, and take it off


Replace modules

Please also have look at the iFixit guides (Teardown and Rear Camera module) to see the pictures.

  1. If you are replacing the Top module as well, unscrew and remove first the main camera module.
    1. If the top module doesn't come out well, lift it at the bottom so you can turn it upwards and out
  2. Peel the blue protection film off the new camera module
  3. Screw the new Top module and Camera module in place
  4. Reassemble your Fairphone
    1. Place the display module back - slide both blue switches back in place
    2. Insert the battery
    3. Put the cover back on



Follow these 3 tips to optimize the use of your new camera(s).

  1. When you upgrade the top module, you will receive a notification to recalibrate the proximity sensor. It is recommended to do so to avoid future issues. If this doesn’t work or you want to do it manually, please follow these steps
    1. Start the proximity sensor tool from the phone SettingsSystemMaintenanceProximity sensor and follow the instructions.
  2. If the camera app is not working correctly, you can clear the data for the app.
    1. Open System SettingsApps & notificationsSee all apps → select CameraStorageCLEAR STORAGE.
    2. Don't worry, no pictures will be deleted! Only the photo app's data + cache will be gone. The app will be reset (just in case, make sure you synchronize or back up everything).

Read our support article on how to recycle your old module.

*Other third-party camera apps are for example Open Camera, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.