FP2. Identify camera modules

You can identify which modules you currently have installed in your Fairphone 2 directly on the device:

  1. Update the phone to the latest version of the OS.
  2. Go to Settings About phone.
  3. See Top module info and Camera module-info.

The upgraded modules identify as:

  • Front camera 5MP - OmniVision OV5670
  • Main camera 12MP - OmniVision OV12870

The first version of the modules identified as:

  • Front camera 2MP - OmniVision OV2685
  • Main camera 8MP - OmniVision OV8865


Physical differences

You can also identify the modules by looking at them. Both modules are easy to distinguish once you know what to look for.


The Camera Module

Search for a white horizontal plastic edge separating the flash from the camera lens. If you see it, you have an upgraded camera module.




The Top Module

The top module is a bit trickier to identify. The first thing you should look at is the camera lens.



The second indicator to check is the connector socket. To do this, you have to take out the module first. If you have never removed a module from your phone before, please check our article about replacing modules.

Once you have the module in your hands, check for the presence of the brown gasket on the connector socket.


Now, you should know which version of the module(s) you have.