FP2. Update to the latest software

In March 2022, Fairphone achieved a certified released Android 10 on your Fairphone 2.

To check your Android version go to Setting → System → About phone → (scroll down a little) Android version.

If you are still running an older version of Android, we strongly recommend upgrading to Android 10 as it becomes available to you. This update includes security fixes and improvements.

View the full list of improvements and fixes in:

  • The overview for Android 10.
  • The related release notes article. If you are still running Android 5, 6 or 7, we recommend to upgrade in steps. To find out which version you are running: find your build number (Settings > System > About phone > Build number) and check it in the release notes list.


First step: update your Fairphone Updater app!

We only offer Android 10 to devices that run version 1.50.5 of the Fairphone Updater app. So make sure your Updater app is updated!

  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Swipe from the left of the screen to reach the menu.
  3. Go to My apps & games and tap the Update all button.

Once the Updater app is updated, your Fairphone 2 will check daily for updates when connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi and/or a mobile data network.

If you do not receive a notification about the new update, you can check it manually by opening the Updater app. If an update is available, you will see the text Update is available in the app.


Second step: update your Fairphone 2

Once you receive the notification for the update on your phone, follow the next steps to install Android 10 Q:

  1. Back up your personal data.
  2. Charge your device to at least 80%.
  3. Use a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Start the upgrade:
    1. If you have a notification on your phone:
      1. Pull down the notifications bar with one finger from the top.
      2. Tap on the notification to open the Fairphone Updater app.
      3. In the app, tap on the button INSTALL UPDATE.
    2. You can also go straight to the Fairphone Updater app:
      1. Pull up the Apps drawer from the bottom of the screen.
      2. Open the Fairphone Updater app.
      3. If an update is available, you will see the text Update is available in the app. Tap on that text button.
      4. In the app, tap on the button INSTALL UPDATE.
    3. In case you need or want to do it manually:
      1. Get a data-transfer cable ready.
      2. Go to the manual update support article and follow the instructions.
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Enjoy Android 10 Q!

Your processor is working hard when it updates and becomes hot during the procedure.


How to report bugs or issues

If you encounter a software bug, you can use our public bug tracker for Android 10 on Fairphone 2 to help us solve the issue.
Via our public bug tracker, you can:

  • Check the list of reported issues.
  • Add your issue - like new or upvote a similar issue.
  • Provide extra information and details.
  • Share your experience directly with our developers.
  • Get direct updates on your issue.

Please consult the bug tracker landing page for further instructions on using it or going directly to the bug tracker.

For more information, we have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) article on Android 10.


If after reading the article you need more help, get in touch with our Customer Support.