FP2. Troubleshoot issues with SIM card(s)

If you encounter any of the issues listed below then you might have a SIM card that is not working properly anymore.

  • Calls being interrupted, or messages delayed
  • Pin code requested without rebooting the phone
  • Sound quality decreasing
  • Battery life reduced
  • Phone getting warm
  • SIM card contacts show only a phone number, no names
  • Sudden Airplane mode
  • The phone freezes and can only be solved by taking out and remounting the battery.

 Find out if the SIM card is the cause of your issues:

  1. Check if the SIM card has any issues in SettingsSystem → Maintenance →Checkup → Mobile Connectivity
  2. Remove your SIM card(s)
  3. Test your phone in Safe mode.
  4. Do a Factory reset. This will delete your data, so please make a backup. If the phone works fine before you place the SIM card back, but the issues show again after inserting the SIM card, you'll need to contact your provider!


  • When you have a SIM card older than a year, we recommend getting a new SIM card from your provider.
  • If you use a SIM card adapter, do not put an empty adapter in the SIM port since it can get stuck.


SIM card is not recognized

If the system does not detect your sim card, in Settings → Network & internet → SIM cards, the entries will be greyed out, preventing any interaction. The SIM card icon does not show and the entry states SIM empty right below the SIM card identifier.

If the FP2 is not detecting your SIM card:

  • Test your SIM card in both SIM slots
  • Do not use a SIM adapter: have the SIM card cut at the right size
  • Test the phone with **at least** another SIM card. Make sure to test the device with a different sim card from a different provider. The more, the merrier.
  • Still not recognized? Use the troubleshooter (No connection) to either solve the issue or get in contact with customer support.


If this doesn't solve the issue, contact Customer support.