Fairphone 2 OS Manual Installation

Your Fairphone ships standard with an Android OS (Operating System). 

The recommended way to update your Fairphone 2 to the latest software is through the built-in (Fairphone) Updater app.

If you encounter issues when you try to update automatically, you can install the latest operating system version by hand. This article guides you with instructions on how to manually update.


Important preparations

You will have to:

  • Back up your data first before you start with any update. If you do not, you can lose your personal files like photos, music, etc. 
  • Remove all SIM cards and SD cards before you proceed. When you have completed the procedure, you can insert them all again. 
  • Use a data-transfer cable. Some cables are only fit to charge your device and can not transfer data. 


Manually update

The procedure changes depending on the operating system installed on your computer:

  • Windows 10, click here
  • Mac OS X 10.1x +, click here
  • Linux Ubuntu-based 18.x +, click here.


Should you experience any issue you can:

  1. Repeat the procedure: Update to the latest software.
  2. Contact our Customer Support.