What do I need to do to get Android 7?


1. Create a backup


Start by making sure all of your data is safe. You can make a backup using the pre-installed Google Mobile Services: go to SettingsAccountsGoogle and tap on your email address. Then you can sync (backup) the desired data by toggling the on/off bars.

2. Make sure your device is fully charged


Once your data is backed up, plug in your Fairphone 2 to make sure it’s fully charged.

3. Use a stable Wi-Fi connection


Double-check that your WiFi connection is stable. If you’re not connected, turn on your WiFi connection from the pulldown menu, then choose a network connection from the list.

4. Begin the upgrade

  • Make sure to have the latest version of your Updater app installed. You can do this via the Google Play store or manually, if you are not a Google user.
  • You will then receive a notification to install the software update. Choose version 18.09.1 first. Press “OK”, and let the updating magic begin! If you do not have that option, you can update manually.


5. Restart your phone


Reboot your phone and enjoy your new OS!


To read about what you can expect with Android 7, read our summary of new features.

If you experience any hiccups after the update, consult the list of known issues in our bugtracker

You will find instructions on how to use the bugtracker on the Fairphone Open site.