How to use the public bugtracker


To have a clear inventory of existing bugs and help us prioritise them, we ask for your input via the public bugtracker.


How can you contribute:

You can submit software issues in our bug tracker. Even small issues such as spelling mistakes can be flagged this way.


1. Search for the bug you are experiencing.

When it is already registered you might find a workaround and other relevant information.


2. Up-vote an existing bug 

To help us understand the impact of a bug we ask you to up-vote it instead of filing a similar one.

Screen_Shot_2018-11-30_at_13.19.07.png To up-vote, you can click on the bright green button left of the bug title


Note that to up-vote or report a new issue you must create an account and login.


3. Log a new bug

a) click on the Issues icon, on the left column menu, 

b) click on the green button +new issue, on the top right side,

c) fill in the requested fields:

  • Give as complete and detailed information as possible.

  • Include the Fairphone version, OS version, apps in use, networks connected and steps needed to reproduce the bug if possible.

  • Use factual language describing the issue, not your personal feelings on the issue.

  • If you’re still not confident that you’re doing it right, feel free to ask for help. Don’t worry, everyone is a beginner at first.


Keep an eye on your upvotes and submissions to follow the progress on each. We do our best to solve them as soon as possible and/or provide a workaround.


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