Manually update the (Fairphone) Updater App



The Fairphone Updater app should always be up to date. This way you can receive our notifications when a new software update is ready to be installed on your Fairphone 2.

If you are a Google apps user can get the update of your app though the Google Play store. Otherwise you can update it manually:



  1. On your Fairphone 2 go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown sources

  2. Open your browser and download Updater-1.39.16.apk from (give your browser permissions if necessary)

  3. Open the downloaded file:
    • by pressing on the notification about the completed download or
    • by opening the Downloads app and pressing on the entry of Updater-1.39.16.apk
  4. Press the Install button

  5. Optionally accept or decline the Google security check

  6. You will see a screen saying that Fairphone Updater has been installed

  7. Go to Settings > Security and disable Unknown sources again.


If you’re unable to complete the process described above, please contact our support team.


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