Charge your FP3


The Fairphone 3 does NOT ship with a charger or a headset included in the package. You need a USB Type-C charger and/or cable to replenish your FP3 battery. 

We recommend to use a quick charger, as regular chargers can take a while to charge the Fairphone 3 battery.


Find a charger for your Fairphone 3

The reason that we do not ship the phone default with a charger is that we do not want to create unnecessary electronic waste. As most people already have the right USB Type-C charger or cable at home, a default charger might be redundant in your situation.  

When you do not have the right charger at home, ask family or friends if they have a spare charger or USB-C cable. As long as it matches the technical specifications it should be good to go!

However, we recommend to also visit our forum to discuss experiences, compatible brands/products and tips with other community members. 

You can also order a compatible Fairphone 3 USB-C charger in our webshop.  The cable of this charging equipment also allows data-transfer.


USB-C, Quick Charge and Eco charge

The Fairphone 3 uses USB-C charging as it is the new industry standard. It supports features like quick charging and a reversible connection. 


Quick charge

The FP3 supports Quick Charge. This means you can supply your battery with new energy quicker than before with a USB Type-C cable! For quick charging, you will need charging equipment that enables this. It must be QC 3.0 with a maximum output of 3 Ampere.



The port and plug have no dedicated direction in USB-C. This way we avoid damage to the charger or the USB port of your phone as there is no 'wrong' direction anymore. 


Eco charge

Another feature of the FP3 is that it charges via Eco charging. Eco charging handles charging more efficiently and assures the quality of your battery. One key factor we envisioned for the FP3 is to reduce battery impact and with Eco charging, we offer efficient use of energy and a longer battery lifetime.
Eco charging influences charging time, but not on a critical level. Your battery can still be fully charged in under 3 hours. Fairphone 3 charges at 0.6 C much less than 1 C and achieves 85 % charge in 90 mins, meaning it will prolong the life of the battery for much longer than the 500 cycles (18 months) typically seen in the industry.

Regular quick charge vs.


Eco quick charge 



A charger and cable for the Fairphone 3 must have the following specifications:

  • 5 volts (5V)
  • 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA) to a maximum of 3A
  • The cable must be a USB-A to USB-C connector and must be Quick Charge compliant.

The first time you charge your phone, please use a charger that delivers at least 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA) and allow more than an hour for your battery to show a charge.

When you experience problems with charging:

  1. Try at least 3 different chargers and USB cables
  2. Consult our Troubleshooter
  3. See if you find solutions on our forum
  4. Contact us if these previous steps do not solve the issue


[USB-C plug]


[FP3 Charger plug with USB port]


Please note

It is possible to charge the Fairphone with only 0.5 amperes (0.5A, 500mA) - and 5 volts (5V). But 0.5 ampere (0.5A, 500mA) might be not strong enough when your battery is completely empty.

In case you tried several different chargers and cables and still have issues with charging, please contact our support team!