Migrate from Apple/iOS to the Android OS

So you’ve just bought your new Fairphone 3 - welcome to the family! Joining the movement for a fairer electronics industry is not just about saying hello to your shiny new Fairphone 3 - for a lot of you, it also means saying goodbye to your familiar Apple iOS*. 

Do not worry: it’s easy to switch from Apple iOS to Android 9*, and we will walk you through the three-step process to make sure your precious memories are transferred safely. (If you migrate from another Android device, please consult this support article).

Android 9 also has a lot of useful new features, including adaptive battery software to increase charge life, improved navigation between apps, and an activity dashboard to show you how you are spending your screen time. Once you are ready to make the switch - let’s begin! 

*For a switch from another Android device, we can guide you via this support article



Do realize that the switch can be more than just switching procedures. As an Apple user, you will come from a deeply service-oriented comfortable all-inclusive environment and have to adapt to a more open-source state of mind. Using Android requires a bit more decision making of what you want to do with your data; which makes you more aware of how things work and have more ownership. As we said with the Fairphone 1: if you can’t open it, you don’t own it!

You can NOT use your iCloud services in Android. This also means that you will not have access anymore to iOS purchases, applications, and services like iCal, iTunes and iMovies. They will not work on any Android device because they are made specifically for Apple iOS. You will have to switch from your iCloud account to your Google account. This means you have to export/import your mails, contacts, and calendar for example. You do not have to do this alone: we will guide you through the three steps.

Many others before you made the switch to their satisfaction, so let us help you migrate. 


Get to know Android 

Your Fairphone 3 runs on a Fairphone operating system (OS), which is based on the Android operating system, version Android 9 Pie

In case you are a beginning Android user, it can be quite helpful to also consult:



To do the switch easy:

  • Charge both phones

  • Make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can transfer data with a computer and a USB data cable, but Wi-Fi is usually faster and easier
  • If you do not have a personal Google Account yet, create one. You can not use a school or business Google account to make a backup
  • On your FP3, follow the on-screen steps and sign in to your Google Account
  • Make sure to turn off iMessage. Otherwise, SMS/MMS messages sent to you may end up on your old iPhone instead of to your new Fairphone 3. 


Migrate in 3 steps

Make the switch from iOS to Android in 3 steps:

  1. Download Google Drive:
    1. On your iPhone, install and open the Google Drive app
    2. Use the same Google account you will use on your Fairphone
    3. In the app, open the menu on the top left to go to Settings → Backup.
    4. Tap Start backup.
  2. Backup your dataYou can back up the data of your iPhone and iCloud account to Google Drive, which can then sync with your Fairphone 3.
    1. Contacts and other data from other functionalities such as your SIM card or Facebook will not back up automatically. See our support article for backup workarounds.
  3. Set up your FP3 and log in to your Fairphone 3 to complete:
    1. At setup, use the Google account you used to make the backup.
      1. If you want to add that account at a later time, deny that you want to import data during the setup process. Then, add the Google account that holds your backup at a later time. Go to: Settings → Accounts and tap + Add account and choose Google
    2. Go to Settings → System → Backup and switch the toggle to activate Back up to Google Drive

You made the switch!

In case you need extra help or have remaining questions, contact Customer Support!

*For a switch to Fairphone 3 with other operating systems than Android 9, you can consult the forum of your desired operating system for help. Also, read the support articles on connecting your device to a computer and making and restoring backups.