Insert and format a Micro SD card in FP3


To extend the memory capacity of your Fairphone 3, you can use a MicroSD card (dimensions: 15mm×11mm) of all available formats: SD / SDHC or SDXC. 

You can use a (Micro) SD card as:

  • Portable storage, so you can store personal data on it.


Insert SD card

To insert a Micro SD card in your Fairphone 3, have a look at our tutorial or follow the instructions below.

To insert a Micro SD card in your Fairphone 3:

  1. Open the back of your phone
  2. Take the battery out 
  3. You now see a Micro SD card icon to indicate the MicroSD slot, above the two SIM card slots
  4. Insert your MicroSD card in the MicroSD slot
  5. Insert the battery again
  6. Put the back cover back on
  7. Press the Power button to restart your phone
  8. A notification icon on the status bar will show you that an SD card is now installed.
  9. Open the notification center by sliding down from the top of your screen 
    • Tap on your SD card to access to it in the file manager. 


Format SD card

The Fairphone supports the new format called exFAT format.
You can format your SD card from your phone or from a computer: please, be aware this procedure will erase your data!

Before to start using your SD card to store data, we advise you to first re-format your SD card with your phone. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings → Storage 
  2. Select your SD card (do not click the triangle icon: it will eject your SD card)
  3. In the three-dot menu on top right, select Storage settings
  4. Select Format.

At the moment, Fairphone 3 doesn't allow you to use your SD Card as internal storage. 
We are currently working on this feature and might enable it in a future update.