Operating systems (OS) for the Fairphone 3


The Fairphone 3 ships with a Fairphone operating system (OS), based on Android 9 Pie and a set of Google Mobile Service.
Our aim is to support Fairphone 3 with security and software upgrades for 5 years.

For Fairphone 2, we offered also Fairphone Open, an operating system (OS) that does not have Google services pre-installed. At the moment we are still examining the possibility of making Fairphone Open available on Fairphone 3.

It is possible to install alternative operating systems on your Fairphone 3 when they are available. Before you can install another OS, you will have to:

  1. Read the instructions and fill in our webform to request your bootloader unlock code
  2. Unlock the bootloader with the provided code. 

We are working towards making available:

Please be aware that we do not offer support for any different OS

For more information, instructions, and help, you can consult: