Operating systems (OS) for the Fairphone 3


The Fairphone 3 ships with a Fairphone operating system (OS), based on Android 9 Pie and a set of Google Apps.
Our aim is to support Fairphone 3 with security and software upgrades for 5 years after the launch.

For Fairphone 2, we offered also Fairphone Open, an operating system (OS) that does not have Google services pre-installed. This will not work on the FP2. We are currently investigating the possibility of making Fairphone Open available on Fairphone 3.

It is possible to install alternative operating systems on your Fairphone 3 when they are made available by the respective operating systems. Before you can install another OS, you will have to unlock the bootloader with a code provided by us.

  1. Read the instructions
  2. Fill in our webform to request your bootloader unlock code
  3. Unlock the bootloader with the provided code. 

We are working towards making available:

Please be aware that we do not offer support for any different OS

Before you contact CS, you will have to reinstall the default Fairphone OS on your device. 

For more information, instructions, and help, you can consult: