Fairphone 2 Repair price list and FAQ - Cordon

These prices are for repairs not covered by our warranty and performed by our Service Center.

  • This price list is not a comprehensive list and shall be updated over time.
  • The repair prices are in Euro (€), as they are a service provided from an EU country.
  • We want to be sure that you are aware of the costs involved in a repair - including material, shipping, and handling costs - before you send in your Fairphone 2 for repair.
  • To make an informed decision, read our Repair policy and the FAQ at the bottom of the page. 
  • If our technicians decide that your service request is not covered by the warranty, we will use the price list below to provide you with a quote. The exact price of your repair depends on the technical diagnosis performed by our Service Center.
  • Execution of the manufacturing warranty does not imply a warranty extension. Repairs have a 3-month repair warranty for the issues present with the first repair. Each product comes with a 24-month warranty (except for the FP2 lithium-ion batteries that have a 12 month warranty due to their limited usage time). A new module does not extend the warranty of the smartphone device with which it is compatible.


Repair price list


Key components

Total (including VAT)

Assessment, handling and shipping costs for a device out of warranty and un-repaired

(No Fault Found) - France

Box, un-repaired Fairphone  € 15,30 



Key components

Material + repair and shipping costs *ex. VAT

Total* (incl. VAT)

FP2 Core Module

Chipset Snapdragon 801, the SIM and SD  € 208.25 € 249.90

FP2 Top Module

Receiver, headset connector, LED, ambient light and proximity sensor (ALS/PS), front camera and noise-canceling microphone  € 49.92  € 59.90

FP2 Camera Module V2

Rear camera and flash (12 MP) € 54.08  € 64.90

FP2 Bottom Module refurbished

Speaker, vibration motor, USB connector and primary microphone. Factory refurbished. Only available via repair, not standalone available.  € 49.90 € 59.90 

FP2 Display Module

Full HD display with Gorilla® Glass 3 as well as the clips € 91.58 € 109.90 

FP2 Cover Module

Back cover with built-in protection € 49.92 € 59.90 

FP2 Battery Module

 Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2420 mAh and a voltage of 3.8V € 33.25  € 39.90 


*This price list is not legally binding and is subject to change at any time. This price list refers only to single modules. For repairs of more than one module, the price can vary due to labour costs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Can you provide me with a substitute phone while my phone is sent away?
    We do not provide a substitute phone service. We recommend you use a spare phone during the repair period.

  • Will my phone repair be in or out of warranty?
    You can get a general idea of whether your repair is in or out of warranty by reading the Fairphone warranties. The final diagnosis is done by one of our technicians upon arrival of your Fairphone at our Service Center.

  • Isn’t it cheaper if I just order the spare parts and repair the phone myself?
    If you are sure of what needs to be repaired, buying the parts yourself will certainly save you some money.
    However, if you do not really know what is wrong with your device and/or you do not know how to fix it yourself, we recommend you to send it to our service center. There your Fairphone 2 will be properly tested, diagnosed and - if approved by you - repaired.

  • Why can't I replace my Fairphone  Bottom Module myself? 
    The Fairphone 2 Bottom Modules are sold out. We offer Refurbished Fairphone 2 Bottom Modules, but not via our online shop. We offer them as part of a repair which requires to send in the whole device to make sure that your issue will be solved. Via our diagnosis we can assess if the solution is a replacement of the Bottom Module, or something else is needed. The costs are not covered by the manufacturing warranty. If you are interested in a Fairphone 2 Refurbished Bottom Module repair, please contact our Customer Support so they can start a Repair procedure for you.

  • Where do I find your repair guides?
    You can find our repair guides on iFixit.
    We advise you to repair your Fairphone by yourself only when you are sure the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, thus when your Fairphone is out of warranty. If you have doubts about this contact us before you purchase a new component.

  • Only a small part was damaged, so why is my repair so expensive?
    In general - no matter how small or affordable the part - the total service costs are primarily related to the labor required to successfully complete the repair.

  • How do I send my phone for repair?
    To initiate a service request, please contact us through the request page - choose "I experience a problem/My product is broken".
    Do not send your phone without RMA or to our office.

Can you give me an overview of the service process from start to finish?

If you need a repair, here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us through the request page - choose "I experience a problem/My product is broken".
  2. Customer support will send you instructions to pre-diagnose your Fairphone and assess the need to send it to the repair center.
  3. If needed, we will send you the instructions to create a repair request on our repair platform. This platform is not accessible via mobile phone.
  4. When we approve your repair request, you receive your RMA number, shipping label and shipping instructions to send the device to the repair center.
    Do not:
    - send your phone to our office
    - send your phone without RMA
    - send your phone with your SIM card(s) and SD cards or other accessories and without making a backup. All personal data will be deleted so we can diagnose the device.
  5. At our Service Center, the technicians will diagnose your Fairphone.
    1. In case the service is covered under warranty, your Fairphone will be repaired and the software will be updated (this will delete any data stored on your device).
    2. In case of an out-of-warranty diagnose, we will contact you with an invoice and description of the work required to repair your Fairphone. As soon as we receive your payment, the actual repairs will begin and the software will be updated (this will delete any data stored on your device).
    3. In case of an out-of-warranty diagnose and you do not wish to proceed with the repair, we can either recycle your device free of costs; or send it back to you after invoicing € 18,36 for Assessment, shipping & handling costs. Note that in this case step 6 will not apply.
  6. Final testing is performed on the repaired device.
  7. The Fairphone is sent back to you!