Transfer your personal data to your new Fairphone 3


When you start with a new phone, you probably want to take along all your personal data (like contacts, photos, calendar, etc.) as well as your installed apps.

Let us guide you to have a smooth transition from your previous device to your brand new Fairphone 3!


Transfer data directly from another phone


To do the switch without complications:

    • Charge both phones

    • Make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can also transfer data with a computer and a USB data cable, but Wi-Fi is usually faster and easier
    • If you do not have a personal Google Account yet, create one. You can not use a school or business Google account to make a backup
    • On your FP3, follow the on-screen steps and sign in to your Google Account that contains the backup
    • Get yourself familiar with the Android operating system.


From Android to Android

When your previous smartphone ran on Android, Google Mobile™ services can help you with a smooth data transfer. This will back up and restore your personal data via Google servers.

This transfer has three steps:

  1. On your previous Android device, make a backup that stores in your Google account.
  2. On your new Fairphone 3, activate your Google account that contains your backup.
    1. You can do this in the Setup Wizard that guides you the moment you first start the phone.
    2. At a later moment, you can go to Settings → Accounts → click + Add account to add your Google account that contains your backup.
  3. Restore your data
    1. Via the Setup wizard, follow the instructions on the screen of your FP3. When the wizard asks you if you want to restore your data, push the button Confirm.
    2. Manually when you have completed the Setup. Go to SettingsSystemBackup → switch the toggle Back up to Google Drive and make sure you do this from the Google account that contains your backup. This will synchronize your data.

Your phone needs time to download all your apps. It may take up to an hour. Go to the Play StoreMy Apps & Games to see if all the apps you had in your library installed.

 When you do not want to use the Google servers, you can back up on (and restore from):


From iOS to Android

You can find the instructions on how to transfer data from iOS devices in a separate article 


Transfer data from a computer

Coming from another operating system, you can use a Google account to backup and restore your data via the cloud. Make a backup that stores in your Google account and follow the steps as described above, in the chapter From Android to Android.

If you can not or do not want to use the Google cloud, you will have to transfer your personal data files by hand, via:

Contact the help center of the operating system or phone manufacturer of your previous device for the instructions on making a backup to your SD card, third-party apps or computer. 

To transfer these files to your Fairphone3:

  • Insert the SD card and use the Storage manager in Settings to move the data
  • Install the third-party app that you used for the backup. Log in to the app and restore your data
  • Connect your FP3 with your computer to transfer these files from your computer to the Fairphone


After the transfer

After you transfer your data, you can continue to set up the Fairphone 3 to your liking. 

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