Fairphone 3 Bumpers and Back covers


To enhance the longevity of your Fairphone 3, we designed extra features to make it as robust as possible. It comes with an integrated cover and we ship it with a protective bumper. Even with these protections - as with any electronic device -: keep it away from sand, dust, and moisture!


Back cover

The Fairphone 3 is designed with an integrated Back cover that acts as a battery cover and connects to the Rear module to contain all the other modules. 


  • Dark translucent cover 
  • Material: polycarbonate made with recycled plastics
  • Specifications of Back cover and Rear module:
    • Length: 158 mm
    • Width: 71.8 mm
    • Thickness: 9.89 mm
    • Weight: 187.4g
  • IP54 certification - this is a standard to define the levels of sealing of electrical enclosures against dirt and moisture, for example.



The Fairphone ships with a protective Bumper in the box. This can give you a better grip and will offer extra protection from falls and scratches.


  • Material: TPU made from bio-based oil
  • Specifications of the Bumper:
    • Length: 161 mm
    • Width: 74 mm
    • Thickness: 12 mm
    • Weight: 10 g.



Currently, we are also looking into the possibility of offering protective cases. 

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