Set up your Fairphone 3 with Dual SIM


With the Fairphone 3, you can use two nano-SIM cards at any time.

As with any Dual SIM, your Fairphone 3 is only able to connect to one high speed (3G/4G) provider at a time. Even if both SIM cards allow data-usage, only one SIM slot allows connection with data networks. You can, however, set both SIM cards to 4G.


Compatible SIM card for Fairphone 3

The Fairphone 3 only supports a nano-SIM card (4FF), sized: 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm.

We always recommend to use a new SIM card in a new phone to avoid unnecessary issues - you can ask your provider for a new SIM card.

In our video tutorial we show you how to insert a SIM card in the Fairphone 3:




Set your preferences

When you add or change the SIM cards (one or both), a configuration notification can appear. Touch it to go to:

  1. The Settings menu of the phone
  2. Continue via Network & internet → SIM cards
  3. Now you can:
    1. Press and hold each SIM icon for a few seconds if you want to:
      - assign a new name and/ or color to each SIM card
      - enable or disable one SIM card
    2. Under Preferred SIM for, tap either Cellular data, Calls or SMS messages to assign the preferred SIM for that function in the pop-up that shows.

For other preferences per SIM card - for example, to set one SIM card to 4G -, go to:

  1. SettingsNetwork & internetMobile network → tap on the name of your provider/SIM card 
  2. Set your preferences for Mobile data, Roaming, Data usage or tap on Advanced for: Preferred network type, Network selection or APN settings


Adapt and limit mobile data connection

We recommend to take a minute to adapt the settings of your data to your situation. It is possible to receive a notification when you reach a certain amount of data usage, for example. 

To set all mobile data usage for your device on or off:

  1. Go to Settings  Network & internet  Data usage 
  2. Toggle the switch next to Mobile data to On or Off

To limit mobile data connection for each SIM card:

  1. Go to Settings → Network & internet → Data usage to enable a Data warning notification and set a data usage limit for each SIM card. The phone will notify you and deactivate mobile data on that SIM card when the threshold is reached (per cycle).

To restrict the mobile data used in the background (apps will not be synchronizing any data until you use them): 

  1. Go to Settings → Network & internet → Data usage to get to an overview of the highest data usage per app per SIM card
  2. Tap on Data Saver to get to the On / Off switch. Data Saver On will restrict background data usage.


General recommendations

Using mobile data can be costly and can drain your battery faster than usual.

To quickly enable or disable mobile data on your preferred cellular data SIM card, use the Quick Settings pull-down menu:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen
  2. Tap on the Mobile data icon to turn mobile data On or Off

If you have a weak mobile signal, your phone will consume more energy to stay connected. When this happens, try to move closer to the access point or turn off the data connection if you do not use the phone.