The impact of Covid-19 measures on deliveries and returns

Fairphone is running, we take the recommended precautions and are delivering.

We do our best to conduct business as usual despite the circumstances. However, some of our services can take a bit longer than usual due to the impact of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) measures.

Our main priority is the safety of our staff, family, business partners, and community. We are following all recommended guidelines, have closed our office, and are working from home for as long as necessary.


Order delivery delays

The Fairphone 3 is available via our webshop. Due to stock delivery delays, we predict that we can process your FP3 order within 2 to 3 weeks (for France this is 3 to 4 weeks).


We may face delivery delays with our shipping partners, as restrictions around Europe continue to fluctuate. This means the actual delivery can take even longer, depending on your location.
To know the impact for your specific country, region or even postal code, please check the website of our shipping partner for orders, UPS or their Covid-19 impact specific webpage.

Many of our national partners also have stock available in their online stores. 


Returns delays

Our main repair center in France is currently running but with restricted capacity.  This means we can not predict a turnaround time for the devices that are allowed to be sent: your return will take longer than usual. 

To see if shipping delays can influence the return of your device (depending on location, consult the website of our returns shipping partner UPS.

However, our customer support team is fully operational and if you have any questions about your phone or a recent order, they are happy to help you.