Install Fairphone OS on Fairphone 3 using a computer

Use the following article if you encounter an issue when you try to update automatically.
This article will also help you to revert to Fairphone OS if you installed another software.


Before you begin:

  1. Make a backup of your personal data, before you start with any update. If you do not, you might lose all your personal files like photos, music, contacts, etc. 
  2. Remove all SIM cards and SD cards before you proceed. When you have completed the procedure, you can insert them all again.
  3. Download the archive below to your computer:
     •   The instructions will be given using the Chrome Browser.
           You can use any browser, but some steps will be different.


  • Access to a computer
  • USB-C certified data cable
  • Your Fairphone 3


- Be aware -

Do NOT interrupt the process because it might damage the device! The procedure can take up to 15 min.

  1. If possible, completely charge your Fairphone 3.
  2. Turn off your Fairphone 3.
  3. Boot your Fairphone 3 into Fastboot mode.
    Press and hold the volume down button followed by the power button (up to five seconds).
    The device will display "Fast Boot Mode" for two seconds, then it will show something looking like this:
  4. You can now release all the buttons.

Depending on which computer you are using you will have to follow a different procedure. To proceed, select below which computer you are using.