Fairphone 3 screen protectors

Per July 2020, we sell screen protectors specifically designed for your Fairphone 3. 

These screen protectors will help your Fairphone 3 last as long as possible. They are easy to apply and remove but can be used only once. Our screen protectors come in two filter-versions (blue light & privacy).

The tempered glass is durable:

  • increased scratch resistance
  • reduced scratch visibility
  • reduced breakage impact of display glass at low-level drops.

Extra features:

  • surface hardness is tested 9H
  • oleophobic coating for easy cleaning and reduces fingerprints
  • curved edges.


We have two versions available:

Screen Protector with Privacy Filter

  • reduces damages to your display glass

  • no one can see what's on your screen but you.

 Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter

  • reduces damages to your display glass
  • filters out harmful blue light to:

    • protect your eyes from strain

    • lessen influence on your sleep while maintaining your screen's colors.


Technical specifications

Material: Sodium Aluminosilicate Glass with acrylic adhesive

Product dimensions

  • Length: 151.9 mm
  • Width: 67.3 mm
  • Thickness: 0.33 mm


  • Outer box and inner box made of cardboard paper
  • Printed in Cradle to Cradle Certified TM ink

Included in the box

  • one Fairphone 3 screen protector with a back adhesive 
  • installation set including:
    • alcohol pad
    • microfiber cloth.



To apply the screen protector on your Fairphone 3 display:

  1. use a clean and dust-free work surface
  2. follow the instructions on the backside of the front flap of the original packaging. 


Please note

It is not possible to put the screen protectors on top of each other.

The Fairphone 3 screen protector is not compatible with the Fairphone 1 or Fairphone 2.