FP3(+). Charge your phone

Fairphone 3(+) (FP3(+)) does NOT come with a charger included in the package. You will need a standard USB-C charger to charge your FP3(+) battery.

Before you buy any new cables, you may want to try what you already have at home. However, if you’re having trouble charging, we recommend trying at least 3 different compatible chargers before you contact the support team. See below for charger specifications.

It is not possible to charge your Fairphone 3(+) wireless.


Ways to find a charger for your FP3(+)

We don’t include a charger (power plug) and cable in the box because we try to reduce electronic waste. Many people already have the right charging equipment at home. If you don’t, we encourage you to ask your family or friends if they have a spare one they’re not using. Just be sure the cable and charger you use match the specifications listed below then it should be good to go!

, chargers and cables from other Android phones from the last few years have the same or similar specifications and will work with your Fairphone.
Still, you can check the technical specifications of your equipment on the website of the manufacturer, to find out if they match the required specifications. 


If you’re certain that you need to buy a new charger, you can visit our forum to ask for recommendations on the best brands/products to the other community members. Of course, you can also order a compatible FP3(+) USB Charger in our online store.


What is USB-C and Quick Charge?

The FP3(+) uses a USB-C charging port, as it is the new industry standard. It supports some features like Quick Charge and data transfer, and it is also reversible.
A reversible connector means that there’s no longer a “wrong” way to plug the cable into your phone, which helps keep damage to a minimum.

Quick Charge is a technology featured in Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets (also known as SoCs). When using a charger that supports this feature (see specs below), you’ll get much faster charging times.


Charger and cable specifications

FP3(+) uses a Qualcomm SoC. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your charger is compatible with Qualcomm SoC protocols.

The FP3(+) will also charge with any charger from Qualcomm’s official list. Other equipment that is not listed might be compatible too: simply check if your equipment complies with the following requirements. 

A charger and cable for the FP3(+) must have the following specifications:

  • 5 volts (5V).
  • Minimum output of 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA). Be aware that this will have a slow charge.
  • Maximum output of 3 amperes (3A, 3000mA).
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge processor compatible, version QC 3.0.
  • The cable must have one USB-C connector and be manufactured by a USB-certified brand (if your product has no brand, it is NOT certified and thus may not be safe or compatible to use).
    If you're unsure if a cable is USB-C, check if it has the port shown on the picture below:


What to do if you experience problems with charging

  • Double-check the above specifications to make sure your charger is compatible. For example, Supercharge USB-C cables and Apple chargers are NOT compatible with the FP3(+).
  • Try at least three different USB cables and chargers (power plugs).
  • Consult our Troubleshooter.
  • Go to the forum to find out what is working well for other  FP3(+) owners.

In case you tried several different chargers and cables and still have issues with charging, please contact our Customer Support. Have the brand name and model of the equipment at hand for quicker handling.

Additionally, you can find a certified cable and charger in our online shop.


[USB-A to USB-C cable]


[FP3 Charger plug with USB-A port]


If after reading the article you need more help, get in touch with our Customer Support.