FP3(+). How to Recycle old modules?

To give a new life to a module* that you no longer need, there are two options available.

  1. If you are a customer based in Germany or France, you can participate in our Module Take-back program to return your old Fairphone 3 (+) module* to us. Please read on below for further information and instructions.
  2. If you are a customer from outside of Germany or France, or if you want to return Fairphone 2 modules, you can not participate in this project. However, you then have three options:
    1. If your old module or accessory is still in working condition, you can make another Fairphone owner happy with it. You can use the forum Marketplace.
    2. If your module or accessory is not working anymore, discard it via a local recycling point. Consult the website of your municipality for the possibilities regarding small electronic devices. At the moment, the carbon footprint and logistic costs of sending your modules back to us outweigh the benefits of refurbishing/recycling via us.
    3. It is also possible to return your module* (except for the lithium-ion battery) to us through normal post/airmail. Place your module in an envelope, add your own stamp (costs about 1 euro). Please use standard mail and not registered or tracked mail as our partner cannot process large volumes of tracked shipments. Send it to us via this address:
      FAO: Fairphone Take Back Program
      22100 QUEVERT

If you want to read more on our recycling programs for complete phones, visit the recycling page.



*Lithium-ion batteries contain hazardous materials and can not be shipped per regular post. Please discard them locally as soon as possible. Consult the website of your municipality on lithium-ion batteries/chemical small waste disposal programs.


Module Take-back project

If you are a customer from France or Germany and you place an order for a Fairphone 3(+) module via our online shop, you have the option to add a free of charge Take-back shipping label to your shopping cart. (This is not applicable to Batteries).

This return label is only available for the following FP3(+) modules:

  • FP3(+) Bottom Module
  • FP3(+) Top Module
  • FP3(+) Camera Module
  • FP3(+) Speaker Module
  • FP3(+) Back Cover Module

For each spare part added to your order, you will have the option to add a separate return shipping label.
Due to weight restrictions, each module should be sent separately with its own shipping label.



To get your shipping label:

  1. Go to our online shop.
  2. Select your required items.
  3. In your shopping cart, select the box at “Take-back shipping label”.
  4. Proceed to Checkout to place your order.
  5. In the package of your order, you will find your new module and a shipping label. Keep the packaging.

To return your old module:

  1. Replace the module.
  2. Use the packaging of the new module to send back the old module: it is resealable and you don’t need to use extra protection material. If you don’t have the packaging anymore, you can use any standard postal sized envelope.
  3. Peel the shipping label off from the backing plastic.
  4. Place the sticker onto the spare part packaging. Please place centrally, flat on one side of the packaging, like you would do for a typical standard letter envelope.
  5. Post your package via any Deutsche Post Box (for German shipping labels) or La Poste Box (for French shipping labels) and the module will make its way back to Fairphone.


Good to know

  • These return shipments can not be tracked, so you will not receive a confirmation of delivery, nor can we verify this per shipment or module.
  • It is not possible to return accessories.
  • Fairphone will reuse these modules wherever possible. We will first test them to verify their condition. Then we re-use them directly for repairs, or we will repair the modules before we use them to repair devices. If this is not feasible, the module will be recycled.
  • Via this project, we are able to recycle more different materials contained within the modules and are able to recycle a higher percentage of any given material the module contains.
  • We have partnered with iFixit who are so kind to act as our collection point for all the modules from our German customers. Once enough modules have been collected at iFixit we will transfer them to our Service Centre, Cordon Electronics, in France for processing on behalf of Fairphone.
  • Unfortunately, the weight restrictions in the shipping method we use, prevents us from sending displays this way. We are looking at alternative ways to ship back displays in the future.
  • If you did not add the shipping label to your cart but you want to send back your old Fairphone 3(+) module, you can do so via regular post. Place your module in an envelope, add your own stamp (costs about 1 euro). Please use standard mail and not registered or tracked mail as our partner cannot process large volumes of tracked shipments. Send it to us via this address:
    • For France:
      FAO: Fairphone Take Back Program
      Cordon Electronics
      Bat A2 11 Rue Des Nouettes
      22100 QUEVERT
    • If you are in Germany, ship it to this address:
      iFixit GmbH (Fairphone Take Back Program)
      Traenkestraße 7
      70597 STUTTGART

That's it! Thank you for supporting safe recycling and helping Fairphone extend the lifespan of mobile phones.