Fairphone 3(+) OS Manual Installation with Windows

First, complete all the steps from the article Fairphone 3(+) OS manual installation.



  1. Windows 10.
  2. Your computer needs to have a working internet connection.
  3. Your system drivers need to be up to date.
    To make sure of this, in your Windows 10:
    1. Click the Start menu, type Device Manager, then press the Enter key on your keyboard. A new window will open.
    2. Scroll down the list and select Other Devices. Please follow the next steps if you see an item named simply Android, preceded by an escalation dot.
    3. Click the Start menu, type Check for updates, then type the Enter key on your keyboard. A new window will open.
    4. Click on the button Check for updates located in the top right part of this window and wait for a couple of minutes. Below the button, you will now see View optional updates.
    5. Click on View optional updates.
    6. Click on Driver and updates.
    7. Scroll down the list if needed and select all the drivers starting with Google, Inc -...
    8. Click on the button Download and install.
    9. Once done, reboot your computer.
  4. The connection should now work.

    Please, check the animation below for additional help.



  1. Connect the Fairphone 3 (in Fastboot mode) to your computer using a USB-C certified data cable.
  2. Locate the archive you downloaded in the previous step, (usually in the Downloads folder).
    • Using Chrome Browser.
      1. Press simultaneously the keys Ctrl + J. A new tab called Downloads will open.
      2. Look for the last download, the name starts with FP3-.... Click on the text Show in folder.
        A new Windows Explorer instance will open.
  3. Extract the archive.
    1. Right-click the compressed (zipped) folder.
    2. Select Extract All from the context menu.
    3. By default, the compressed files will extract in the same location as the zipped folder, but you can click the Browse button to select an alternative location.
    4. Check the Show extracted files when complete option.
    5. Click Extract.
  4. Once you are inside the extracted folder, locate the file flash_fp3.bat (alternatively FP3_FlashAll.exe) and double-click on it.
    • If a warning from User Account Control pops up, click on Yes.
  5. Type 1 if you want to Erase user data or type 2 if you want to Keep user data.Flash_Image.png
    If you just unlocked your bootloader, your personal data has just been deleted, so whatever option you choose, will make no difference.
  6. Press the Enter ↩ key.
    The script will now run for a couple of minutes like in the following picture.
    Once done, you will see the following picture.Script_end.png

    It can take up to 15 min. Do NOT interrupt the process, it might damage the device!
  7. Done, your phone is now up to date. Your phone will now reboot, finishing the system update for a few minutes. You can now safely unplug your Fairphone from your computer
  8. Once done, for safety reasons, we advise you to lock your bootloader againTo do so, follow the instructions here.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.