Open-Source Android OS for FP3/FP3+


Please, note that Fairphone offers support ONLY for Fairphone OS

However, it is possible to install alternative operating systems on your Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ (FP3/FP3+). To install another OS (Operating System), you will have to unlock the bootloader with a code provided by us

Follow the instructions on how to Manage the bootloader of your FP3/FP3+



For Fairphone 2, we offered Fairphone Open, an OS with no Google services pre-installed. Fairphone Open will NOT work on the FP3/FP3+



/e/ OS - For advanced users

The e.Foundation has made available a developer version of its /e/ OS for Fairphone 3
To get support on /e/ OS, you will have to contact directly /e/ Foundation

In case you need more information, instructions, and help, you can consult:


What about the warranty?

If you need our assistance, and you have a different OS, you will have to revert to Fairphone OS.
Do not worry, as we state in the Fairphone 3 Warranty (section 6. Claiming your warranty), as long as you are able to revert to Fairphone OS, your FP3/FP3+ is covered by the original warranty


How do I go back to Fairphone OS?  

To go back to Fairphone OS you can follow the instructions of the article Manually install Fairphone OS on FP3/FP3