Open-Source Android OS for FP3/FP3+


Please, note that Fairphone offers support ONLY for Fairphone OS

However, it is possible to install alternative operating systems on your Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ (FP3/FP3+). To install another OS (Operating System), you will have to unlock the bootloader with a code provided by us.

Follow the instructions on how to Manage the bootloader of your FP3/FP3+.

You can read more about Open source software on our dedicated webpage on alternative operating systems for Fairphone devices.



For Fairphone 2, we offered Fairphone Open, an OS with no Google services pre-installed. Fairphone Open will NOT work on the FP3/FP3+



/e/ OS - For advanced users

The e.Foundation has made available a developer version of its /e/ OS for Fairphone 3
To get support on /e/ OS, you will have to contact directly /e/ Foundation

In case you need more information, instructions, and help, you can consult:


What about the warranty?

If you need our assistance, and you have a different OS, you will have to revert to Fairphone OS.
Do not worry, as we state in the Fairphone 3 Warranty (section 6. Claiming your warranty), as long as you are able to revert to Fairphone OS, your FP3/FP3+ is covered by the original warranty


How do I go back to Fairphone OS?  

To go back to Fairphone OS you can follow the instructions of the article Manually install Fairphone OS on FP3/FP3