Install Fairphone OS on FP3/FP3+ (Linux Ubuntu)




First, complete all the steps from the article Manually install Fairphone OS on FP3/FP3+


Linux Ubuntu 18.x (and newer)

  1. Connect the Fairphone 3 (in Fastboot mode) to your computer using a USB-C certified data cable
     •   If it doesn't work on your computer, try to the following:
    1. Press simultaneously the keys "Ctrl + AltT" to open the terminal
    2. Type "sudo apt-get update" and press the "Enter ↩" key
       •   Type your system password if required
    3. Type "sudo apt-get install adb" and press the "Enter ↩" key
       •   Type your system password if required
    4. Type "sudo apt-get install mtp-tools" and press the "Enter ↩" key
       •   Type your system password if required
  2. Locate the archive you downloaded in the previous step, (usually in the Downloads folder)
     •   Open Chrome Browser
    1. Press simultaneously the keys "Ctrl + J". A new tab called "Downloads" will open
    2. Look for the last download, the name starts with "FP3-...". Click on the writing "Show in folder"
      A new window will open
  3. Extract the archive
     •   Using Ubuntu Archive Manager:
    1. Right-click on the archive, the name starts with "FP3-..."
    2. Click on "Extract Here" to extract the archive.
  4. Start the terminal and navigate to the folder you just created, the name also starts with "FP3-..."
     •   Using the Ubuntu GUI (Graphical User Interface):
    1. Right-click on the folder
    2. Click on "Open in Terminal". A new terminal window will open
  5. In the terminal window type: "sudo ./FP3_flashall" and press the "Enter ↩" key
     •   Type your system password if required
          The script will now run for a couple of minutes like in the following picturescript.png
           Once done, 
    you will see the following picturescript_end.png
    It can take up to 15 min. Do NOT interrupt the process, it might damage the device!
  6. Done, your phone is now up to date. Your phone will now reboot, finishing the system update for a few minutes. You can now safely unplug your FP3/FP3+ from your computer
  7. Once done, for safety reasons, we strongly advise you to lock again your bootloader. To do so, visit the article Manage the bootloader of your FP3/FP3+ and follow the instructions starting from point 4. Lock your bootloader