No 5G for FP3/FP3+

Know why


Fairphone 3/Fairpfone 3+ (FP3/FP3+) does not support 5G. There are several reasons for this, the main one is that, at the moment of launch, in 2019, the technology was not fully available yet.
Unfortunately, we are unable to add support to 5G in FP3/FP3+ with a future update.

The 5G networks will comprise mainly of two different technologies:

  1. (So-called) Sub-6GHz - This increases the number of available bands that a device can use to transfer data to the network. It is faster, but often it is also more expensive
    Real-life performance over the current 4G/LTE doesn't yet seem to justify the higher costs. Also, because of the China–U.S. trade war, 5G is being implemented very slowly by the network carriers and it is still available only in a handful of cities across Europe
  2.  mmWave - This technology is expected to be a drastic improvement over the current technology. Still, in 2020, the biggest part of devices claiming to support 5G, do not support the mmWave technology. Additionally, the same scenario is also true for the network operators claiming to support 5G

Here you can find more information on 5G technology