FP3(+). VoLTE & VoWi-Fi


(Enhanced 4G LTE, Wi-Fi calling, Voice over Wi-Fi)


When your network provider offers this service, you can make high-quality phone calls using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) or Voice over Wi-Fi calling (VoWi-Fi) on your Fairphone 3/Fairphone3+ (FP3/FP3+). 


FP3/FP3+ is technically capable of using VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies but we are still working on completing the partnerships with some network providers.
In case you are experiencing any issue related to calls, we strongly advise you to disable them for the time being, as they might be causing incompatibilities with your network operator. 

Some network operators lock the possibility of changing and/or visualizing those options.


Currently, we support the following Network Operators from the indicated software version (or higher).

We will update the following table as soon as we extend the support to additional network operators.




Additional calling services

3 Denmark VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
KPN Netherlands VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
NOS Portugal VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Orange Belgium VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
SFR France VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Tele2 Sweden VoLTE
Telefonica O2 Germany VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Telenor Sweden VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Vodafone UK  VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Vodafone Germany  VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Vodafone Netherlands  VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling
Vodafone Italy VoLTE
Vodafone Ireland VoLTE
Vodafone Spain VoLTE



Some FP3/FP3+ customers have experienced issues while using these features with Network Operators not yet supported.
If VoLTE and VoWiFi are not yet explicitly supported for your operator, we strongly advise you to disable them as they might be causing incompatibilities with your network operator.

For more details, you can read this blog post and in the articles, FP3/FP3+ issues with calls and FP3/FP3+ shows "Unknown" Caller ID.

Update your Fairphone

To exclude a software issue always make sure your FP3/FP3+ is running on the latest software update.