FP3(+). Identify your modules

Fairphone 3(+) (FP3(+)) can support different modules.

Fairphone 3 ships with a Top Module and Camera Module.
You can upgrade by replacing them with a Top+ Module (16MP) and Camera+ Module (48/12MP) modules (you will also have to update to the latest OS).

Fairphone 3+ comes already with a Top+ Module and Camera+ Module.

Details of the modules:

FP3 Camera Module FP3(+) Camera+ Module
12MP Main camera 48MP (12MP output) Main camera 


FP3 Top Module FP3(+) Top+ Module
8MP Front camera 16MP Front camera


Visual differences

You can identify the modules by their aspect.
It's easy to distinguish them once you know what to look for.


Camera Module and Camera+ Module

The original Camera Module is entirely black (picture on the left).
The Camera+ Module has a light grey outline on the inner side of the glass. 




Top Module and Top+ module

The original Top Module is entirely black (picture on the left).
The Top+ Module has a light grey outline on the inner side of the glass.




Now, you can easily identify which module(s) you have!


If you are interested in upgrading your camera modules, or if you want to know more specifications,  check out our online store!

Before replacing your modules, always read our article about replacing modules.

In case you want to find the serial numbers and IMEI of your phone and modules, please go to FP3(+). IMEI & Serial numbers of your Fairphone and modules.


If after reading the article you need more help, get in touch with our Customer Support.