FP4. Charge your phone


Fairphone 4 (FP4) does NOT come with a USB-C charger and cable.

Fairphone was one of the first smartphone companies to not include chargers and cables in the package to actively reduce e-waste.


There is a good chance you already have a USB-C charger and USB to USB-C cable at home (USB-C chargers were adopted by the IEC as a standard back in 2016).

Before you buy any new electronic products, please try using the ones you already have. First, make sure your charging equipment is compatible - see the charging specifications below.

If you have trouble charging your device, we recommend testing with at least three compatible chargers and cables. See below for charger specifications.

Fairphone 4 does not support wireless charging and does not have a LED charging indicator.  

You Fairphone will indicate on the lock screen if it is slow charging or fast charging. 


USB-C charger and USB to USB-C cable

To charge your Fairphone 4, make sure the cable and charger match the specifications listed at the bottom of this page: then, you should be good to go!

If you are not sure, we encourage you to ask your family or friends if they have a spare one that is compatible. Usually, you can check the technical specifications of your equipment on the website of the manufacturer, to find out if they match the required specifications. 


However, if you need to buy charging equipment, you can find certified cables and chargers in our online shop.

With our Dual-port 30W Charger and USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable, you can charge your Fairphone 4 up to 50% in 30 minutes!


Charger and cable specifications

Fairphone 4 uses a Qualcomm processor SoC. Therefore, your charger must be compatible with Qualcomm SoC protocols, version 4, 4+ or higher.
Your Fairphone 4 will charge with any charger from Qualcomm’s official list. Other equipment that is not listed might be compatible too: simply check if your equipment complies with the following requirements. 

A charger and cable for the Fairphone 4 must have the following specifications:

For slow charge

  • 5 volts (5V)
  • The minimum current should be 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA).

For quick charge

  • Maximum output of 4 amperes (4A, 4000mA). Note: the cable must also support 4A to charge at total capacity
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge processor compatible, version QC 4 or 4+
  • The cable must have a USB-C connector
  • The cable must come from a USB-certified brand (if your product has no brand, it is not certified).


What to do if you experience problems with charging:

  • Double-check the above specifications to make sure your charger is compatible. For example, Supercharge USB-C cables and Apple chargers are NOT compatible with the Fairphone 4
  • Try at least three different and compatible USB cables and chargers (power plugs)
  • Consult our Troubleshooter
  • Go to the forum to find out what is working well for other Fairphone 4 owners.

If you tried several different chargers and cables and still have issues with charging, please get in touch with us. Have the brand name and model of the equipment at hand.



If you need more help after reading this article, please get in touch with our Customer Support.