FP4. Manually set APNs for Mobile data, Hotspot & MMS

Fairphone usually sets the APN's parameters automatically. Thus we recommend you skip this section if the default settings work for you.
However, for a minority of network providers (usually some newer MVNO), you will have to set your APNs manually.


Setting up the APN

You will have to contact your network provider to get the correct APN mobile internet settings. Usually, you can find their APN settings on their website.

If your network provider does not provide you with all the specific values for the fields listed below, it usually means that value is not needed. In this case, leave the default value (some fields might even be empty).

The fields available to fill in the necessary access point parameters are:

  • Name
  • APN
  • Proxy
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Server
  • MMSC
  • MMS proxy
  • MMS port
  • MCC
  • MNC
  • Authentication type
  • APN type
  • APN protocol
  • APN roaming protocol
  • Bearer
  • MVNO type
  • MVNO value.


Once you get the correct parameters from your network operator, you will have to set them in your Fairphone 4 manually. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings (cog wheel icon Cog_wheel_icon.png).
  2. Tap on Network and internet.
  3. Tap on the SIM card you wish to use for your mobile data connection and/or MMS text messages.
  4. Tap on Advanced.
  5. Scroll down, tap on Access Point Names.
  6. Tap on the plus symbol "+" icon located in the top right corner.

Once there:

  1. Tap on the field you want to edit.
  2. Type the value you obtained from your network operator, then tap on OK.
    Repeat this point for every parameter you have.
  3. Once done, tap on the More options icon (three vertical dots 3dots_icon.png) in the top right corner, then tap on Save.
  4. Reboot your device. If your contract includes mobile data, you should now be able to connect to the internet.
If you completed this procedure and still cannot connect to the internet, check the article FP4. Connect to Mobile Data.


If after reading the article you need more help, get in touch with our Customer Support.