FP4. Fairphone OS (Android 11)

Fairphone 4 5G (FP4) runs Fairphone OS (Operating System), an OS based on Android 11, with a set of standard Google Apps.

You can download additional apps on your phone from the Play Store.


To take advantage of the latest improvements and security fixes, make sure to update your Fairphone to the latest Fairphone OS.


We aim to support Fairphone 4 with security and software upgrades for approximately five years from its launch date (September 2021). For Fairphone 4, we guarantee software support until the end of 2026, this includes an upgrade to Android 12 and, later on, Android 13.
We also aim to provide upgrades for Android 14 and 15. However, since Qualcomm will not offer support in the development, we cannot guarantee them.


For more information on alternative software and Open Android possibilities, please visit our article Android without Google services for Fairphone 4.