FP4. Install Fairphone OS offline

To update your Fairphone 4 (FP4), always use the regular procedure.
If you encounter an issue, you can follow this article to perform a manual update installation of Fairphone OS on FP4 using a computer.
This article will also help you to revert to Fairphone OS if you installed a different Operative System (OS).


Preliminary steps

  1. Before you start with any procedure, make a backup of your data. If you do not, you might lose your files like photos, music, contacts, etc.
  2. Unlock the bootloader of your FP4. Those instructions cover Fairphone OS. If you have installed a different OS on your Fairphone, the instructions might be slightly different. In this case, you will have to look for the instructions yourself.
  3. Remove SIM cards and SD cards before you proceed. When you have completed the procedure, you can insert them again.
  4. Download this file to your computer:

    -Fairphone OS for FP4 (Android 11)-

    File name: FP4-FP4I-factory_v2.zip
    Version: FP4.FP4I.A.175.20221207
    md5sum: d2e796fea678d347a37bb92074e010d0
    sha256sum: fe67b6ec70ef40dd8e61b47f1b407d4f6adf0b0a96699c44b6f76867abf809aa
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    [Previous] -Fairphone OS for FP4 (Android 11)-

    File name: FP4-FP4G-factory.zip
    Version: FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920
    md5sum: 44ac78e5dc1129f7cc05ae066d12be98
    sha256sum: 9e21157be42d9ccd29319b003cf86d11e2a884f6bd361c7cc5d4431cf45b77f0
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  • If your current Fairphone OS version is higher than the one provided, you might lose all data. To boot your device, you may be forced to do a factory reset. Make sure you back up your data.
  • Instructions apply to the Chrome Browser. You can use any browser, but some steps may be different.



  • Access to a computer.
  • USB-C certified data cable.
  • Your Fairphone 4.



  1. Complete the preliminary steps above!
  2. Charge your Fairphone above 80%.
  3. Power off your FP4 and once it's off, connect the USB-C cable.
  4. Boot your device into Fastboot mode.
    Press and hold the volume down button (up to five seconds).
    The device will display the following screen:
  5. Check that the red line at the bottom states the message:
    DEVICE STATE - Unlocked

Depending on which computer you are using, you will have to follow a different procedure. To proceed, select below which computer you are using.


If after reading the article you need more help, get in touch with our Customer Support.