FP4. Support to 5G


Fairphone 4 5G (FP4) is optimised for European cellular networks and supports Standard 5G technology (also called Sub-6GHz or Everyday 5G).
Fairphone 4 can use an increased number of bands to transfer data to the network. This should improve speed and latency when compared to 4G/LTE.

For more details on Fairphone 4 5G network capabilities, you can check the article FP4. Network coverage.


Both the eSIM and the nano-SIM slot are 5G enabled. However, only one SIM card at a time will be active on the 5G network. 


The 5G technology might not be relevant for the majority of our users today, but we want you to use the phone long-term. So it is important that your device is compatible with this technology and ready for the latest network developments.

Fairphone 4 does not support mmWave technology. Unfortunately, we will be unable to support it with a future update. The main reason for this choice is that, at the moment of launch (2021), the scarce availability of mmWave technology across Europe didn't justify the higher costs.


If you want to read more about our considerations, please read our blog post on 5G.