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Fairphone 4: IMEI & Serial Numbers of the Phone and its Spare Parts

Each Fairphone 4 spare part is identified by a unique identifiers composed of a combination of letters and numbers. These unique identifiers allow us to track the spare parts down to the day they have been manufactured.

To help you we might need the IMEI number of your device or the serial numbers of the separate spare parts.


Note that the following letters are not used: 'i', 'o', 'u', and 'y'. This prevents the reader to misread the digits '0' and '1'.


Where can I find it?

Full Phone or Core Module

Every Fairphone 4, specifically the core module, is defined by two UID (unique identifiers).

The IMEI 1 and the Serial number.

Fairphone 4 supports two SIM cards. Each SIM module has been assigned an IMEI for identification, and therefore it has two IMEI numbers.

The device is identified by the IMEI 1. The IMEI  number is composed of 15 digits (no letters!) and starts with "35............" i.e., "357801234567890".

You can find the IMEI 1:

  • Via the phone software (see Working phone).
  • Printed on a sticker placed on the original shipping box.
  • Printed on a sticker placed in the phone once removed the battery (see Non-working phone).
  • On your invoice or delivery note.


Working phone

The quickest way to find the IMEI1 of a working phone is the following: dial *#06#* in the Phone app, as you would dial a phone number.

Alternatively, go to SettingsAbout phone → scroll down to IMEI (SIM slot 1).


Non-working phone

If the display stays black or the phone doesn't work anymore, you can look inside the phone instead.

  1. Take off the battery cover.
  2. Take out the battery module.
  3. The white sticker with the IMEI1 is on the left side of the battery housing, under the camera.



Serial number

The serial number has 12 characters and is a combination of letters and numbers.

Note that the letters 'i', 'o', 'u', and 'y' are not used to avoid misreadings.

To find the 8-symbol serial number, dial *#06#* in the Phone app, as you would dial a phone number.

Alternatively, go to SettingsAbout phone → scroll down to Model & HardwareSerial number.


Display Module

The unique identifier of the Display Module is located on the back of the module, printed next to a QR-code. The unique identifier always starts with a D.

To remove the Display Module of your device, consult these instructions.




If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.