FP4. No audio mini-jack

The Fairphone 4 (FP4) does not have an audio port (mini-jack 3.5 mm) to connect your wired audio equipment directly to your phone.
We made this choice to increase the longevity of your device. Removing the audio port in this modular architecture reduces the damage due to water or dust entering your phone and so, reduce e-waste over the long run. This is to make your Fairphone 4 last longer! 

Of course, you can still listen to your favorite playlists, videos, and podcasts with your headphones or speakers. There are two possibilities:

  • You can connect your wireless audio equipment via Bluetooth (Fairphone 4 supports up to Bluetooth v5.1).
  • You can use any USB-C to Mini-Jack adapter to connect your wired audio equipment (you can also find one in our online shop).
    Do make sure the adapter you use has a DAC chip, as the Fairphone 4 (and the Fairphone 3) has a digital sound output via USBC.
    DAC Charging Dongle Cables can be a solution in case you need both charging and audio. An analogue adapter will not work. 
    Plug the adapter into the USB-C port of your Fairphone 4, and you can start listening!


Also, note that the Fairphone 4 USB-C port is a standalone spare part. If necessary, you can replace it with a screwdriver.