Fairphone True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds

For easy listening (and calling) pleasure, you can use our Fairphone True Wireless Stereo Earbuds!

We produce the Fairphone TWS Earbuds using as many fair materials as we can, such as recycled plastics (30%) and fair gold added to the supply chain.

The Fairphone TWS Earbuds are compatible with al phones that have Bluetooth 4.0 and up. That means all Fairphones are compatible.

The TWS Earbuds are available in Dark Grey and Green.

  • Grey:
    • Pantone: Cool Grey 11c
    • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 79
    • RGB: 54, 54, 54
    • HEX: #363636
  • Green:
    • Between Pantone: 5555 and 5545
    • CMYK: 43, 0, 34, 38 and 59, 0, 50, 52
    • RGB: 90, 158, 104 and 50, 122, 61
    • HEX: #5A9E68 and #327A3D

In case you lost an earbud or broke the case, you can buy spare parts in our online shop!

  • Charging Time: approximately 2 hours for charging the case, 1.5h for the earbuds
  • Standby Time: approximately 180 days
  • Talk/Playing Time: approximately 5 hours.
  • Audio codecs: AAC and SBC

Here is how you use them:

Check our video or scroll further for the written instructions. You can also download the Quick Guide.



The TWS Earbuds charge when you insert them into the charging case. They can also charge in someone else's case.
You can charge the case with any charging cable with a USB-C port, and the case will charge at 5V - 0.5A.

  • Push the button on the bottom of the case to check the charge.
  • The LED light indicator shows when the battery is fully charged and shows the battery's current charge status. For example: 4 LED lights indicate 100% charge, 2 LEDs are 50% charge, etcetera.

The batteries of both the case and earbuds are not replaceable. Yet.



You can connect the earbuds to your phone or any other device via Bluetooth. The icon for Bluetooth is Bluetooth_icon.png
In general, the Fairphone TWS Earbuds are compatible with any device with Bluetooth using codecs AAC and SBC and Bluetooth protocol version 5.2 (Profiles A2DP, HFP, AVRCP), which means almost all of them!

The TWS Earbuds are compatible with every Fairphone!


To pair

  1. Take the earbuds out of their case and put them in your ears.
  2. The earbuds will power on automatically.
  3. On your Fairphone 4, open the Bluetooth menu via Settings > Connected devices.
  4. The earbuds should automatically show up as Fairphone Earbuds.
  5. Tap Fairphone Earbuds to connect.
  6. You should hear a voice notification via the earbuds that say Connected.

After pairing the first time, you can take the earbuds out of their case, and they will automatically connect.

If you can not pair your earbuds, make sure they are not linked to another active device. If so, disconnect them from that device or even unpair them.



To clear the pairing records or reset your earbuds:

  1. Put both earbuds back into the charging case
  2. Keep the cover open
  3. Push and hold the button on the bottom side until the LED lights blink ten times.

In case of issues (like mono instead of stereo): unpair the earbuds and pair them again.


Forget on connected device

You might also want to remove your earbuds from a device they were connected to (often referred to as "forgetting"). Although these settings can differ based on the device, they are usually in a similar place. On the Fairphones and most Android phones, these are the steps to do it:

  1. Go to SettingsConnected devices.
  2. Find the earbuds and tap on the gear wheel next to their name.
  3. Tap Forget.



You can control all other controls of your earbuds via tapping on them when they are in your ears.



  • One (1) tap on either of the earbuds will answer an incoming call
  • Double tapping will reject the call
  • In a call? Double-tap to hang up.



  • If you put the earbuds in your ear, the earbuds detect this, and the audio will start playing.
  • Take one or both earbuds out to pause the audio for a few seconds.
  • Another option is to double-tap on the left or right earbud to pause or play.
  • Three (3) taps on the left > Go back one track
  • Three (3) taps on the right > Jump to the next track
  • Press and hold the left earbud for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant
  • Press and hold the right earbud for 2 seconds to switch to one of three different noise-canceling modes:
    • Active noise-canceling (ANC activated) - ambient noise is canceled out.
    • Transparency mode (Voice through) - keeps important sounds audible.
    • Active noise-canceling off (ANC off).



You can adjust the volume of your audio also via the connected source device.

  • Volume up: one (1 ) tap on the right earbud
  • Volume down: one (1) tap on the left earbud.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do you provide spare parts for the TWS Earbuds?

We do! Via our online shop you can buy separate left or right fitting earbuds, eartips or a standalone charging case when you lost or broke a part. For repairs or replacements via our repair center, we handle the TWS Earbuds as a complete unit.

Q: Is it possible to use only one earplug at a time?

Yes, but pausing by taking it out will only be for a few seconds. Put it in the case to really stop the music.

Q: Can I reconfigure the controls? Is there an app or other equalizing option?

It is not possible to reconfigure the controls. There is no accompanying app for the earbuds.

Q: What are the specifications of the TWS Earbuds speakers?

You can find this and more details about technical specifications in the Fairphone online shop.

Q: Are the TWS Earbuds covered by the Fairphone 4 Extended 5 year warranty?

No, the TWS Earbuds are an Accessory and are only covered by the Fairphone 4 Manufacturing Warranty. The Extended Warranty applies for registered Fairphone 4 devices, not for the spare parts or accessories.

Q: How can I pair a new earbud with my existing earbud and case?

Put the old and new earbud in the same case and follow the instructions to unpair. Then pair them together anew.

Q: How can I get my earbuds repaired if they break?

The TWS Earbuds are not consumer repairable as we have not changed the design we have licensed. Fairphone will collect earbuds for repairs covered by the 2 years manufacturing warranty. If you lose an earbud, or the case breaks or is lost, you can buy replacement spare parts from the Fairphone online shop.

In case you need help troubleshooting your issue or need a repair, contact our Customer Support.

Q: Can I send in only an earbud or case for repair?

No. If your TWS Earbuds need a repair, we want to diagnose the full set, so including the case and earbuds. This way, we can better diagnose the issues, monitor manufacturing issues and in case another item caused the issue, we can repair or replace it with a repair warranty.

We offer single spare parts in our shop for situations that are not covered by the manufacturing warranty, such as loss or water damage, for example.

Q: Can I change the color of the TWS Earbuds when I return them for a repair?

Repairs are done with the same items, so it is not possible to swap your black earbuds out for a green version during a repair, for example.

Q: Why are the earbuds not repairable? Is that something you will work on next?

The Fairphone True Wireless Stereo earbuds are not designed by us. We have worked with an off-the-shelf design to start our adventure in this field. We increased the level of fairness in the materials and increased battery lifetime by decreasing the input rate of charging. Both are the major challenges in the TWS segment. As with Fairphone 1, these earbuds and their spare parts are the first step in a journey to increase the level of sustainability and repairability in this popular audio segment.

To already make the next step in preventing e-waste and repairability, we now offer replacements via our Fairphone online shop. For example, if you lose the silicone rubber eartips, you can buy new ones.

Q: How much recycled material is in the earbuds?

The charging case and the earbuds are made of 30% recycled plastic

Q: How long does it take to fully recharge?

It takes around 2 hours to fully recharge the charging case.

Q: What is the battery life of the headphones with and without Active Noise Cancellation?

5 hours per charge with ANC off and 4.5 with ANC on. This means a total of 20 hours using the total charge of the case with ANC off.

Q: How long will the True Wireless Earbuds last?

How long these True Wireless Earbuds will last heavily depends on how often you use and charge your earphones.

Q: Why did you decide to launch True Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are now the most popular audio segment. True Wireless Earbuds also enhance the user experience so we wanted to apply some of the learnings from our smartphones to this segment to increase the level of sustainability.

Q: Does the launch of the earbuds mean that Fairphone is looking to develop a variety of new products?

We are not in the position to disclose our product roadmap at the moment. Fairphone Earbuds opens a new market category for us and we want to take the time to learn from it

Q: Where are the earbuds produced?

We are finalizing some details with our producer. We will disclose more details when we are ready and they will be included in our list of suppliers.

Q: Did you use the same suppliers/supply chain as for the Fairphone?

No, we have worked with an off-the-shelf, licensed design.

If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.


If you want to know more about the (lack of) repairability of the Fairphone TWS Earbuds, watch our 1st episode of Ask the experts, and read the update on our blog:


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