FP4. Cameras

The Fairphone 4 has two rear cameras, several sensors, and one selfie camera. They are part of the most high-tech camera system we have developed.

The replaceable Rear cameras part hosts:

  • a primary lens for all the details: Wide (W) - 48MP output.
  • A separate lens for the bigger picture: Ultra-Wide (UW) - 48MP output.
  • A light and color sensor for fast autofocus.

Other features of the cameras:

The equally replaceable Selfie camera has a 25MP output.


Camera performance

It is possible that, initially, the cameras do not deliver the desired level of quality when you first start using your Fairphone 4. As a first step, we recommend that you update your Fairphone 4 to the latest software version. This way, you will also enjoy the latest software improvements for your cameras.

We have tested the Fairphone 4 camera extensively, both internally and by independent 3rd party labs. At the moment of writing - early November - we know the camera’s hardware can produce great photos and videos. However, we also know that there is still a need to work further on optimizing the software. We will be able to make visible improvements soon in the upcoming software maintenance releases. So keep updating your phone to the latest software version!

We are specifically working on providing improvements for:

  • Autofocus in video recording doesn’t always work well.
  • Indoor shots aren’t always consistent in exposure (i.e., how light or dark they are).
  • White balance (e.g., the colors are not always realistic)

While we work hard to provide you with the mentioned software improvements as soon as possible, we can suggest a few things as a temporary solution. Using the PRO mode on your camera, you can manually adjust the white balance and exposure settings and improve the quality of the photos and resolve - to a certain extent - problems that currently exist with the autofocus function.

If you need help, or you would like to get support regarding the camera performance of your Fairphone 4, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support. We’ll be happy to look into the issue further with you!


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