Fairphone Chargers

Fairphone devices do not ship with charging equipment. 

Since most households have a compatible charger available, this is an effective way to prevent e-waste

If you do not have the compatible equipment to charge the battery of your device at home, you can buy chargers and cables in our shop

Only use compatible and undamaged charging equipment to prevent issues and damage to your battery, phone, or worse.


Not sure if your equipment is compatible?

Please verify via the linked device specific articles below, what the minimum requirements are for charging your battery:


Fairphone 4 - FP4. Charge your phone

Fairphone 3 - FP3(+). Charge your phone

Fairphone 2 - FP2. Charge the battery


In case you have issues with charging - and have ruled out damaged or incompatible equipment - please use our troubleshooting tool to guide you towards a solution.

Or to provide the Customer Support with useful information when they help you further.