Fairphone Easy's Swap and Repair Service

Fairphone Easy is a lease service, currently available to customers based in the Netherlands.

Fairphone Easy ideal for customers who love using a smartphone and like to have the maintenance and hardware repairs taken off of their hands. Fairphone Easy offers a swap service in case you encounter any hardware problem with the device.

What is included:

  • Our latest Fairphone 4 5G (256GB, 8GB RAM) in Green.
  • Two accessories to help your device last longer:
    • A Fairphone 4 Protective Soft Case in Grey, Green or Pastel red.
    • A Fairphone 4 Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter.
  • Service: including device swapping, repair and maintenance.

Optional: You can opt-in for a USB-C cable and Dual port charger in case you need them.

In case you encounter software issues, use our Troubleshooting tool (available to guide you 24/7). Or contact our Customer Support. They will be able to either solve the problem with you, or provide you with clear information on when a known issue is going to be solved.

How do I subscribe to this service?

Go here!


How does the swap service work?

To be eligible for a swap you will need to contact our Customer Support and cooperate with the regular troubleshooting process. Only phones with confirmed hardware issues will be eligible for a swap. We address software issues remotely.

Once our Customer Support agent has confirmed you are eligible for a swap, we will send you a UPS return label by email to return the phone through UPS. Then we will send you a new phone. The moment you receive the phone, you can start using it.

To read more, check the Terms & Conditions.


Can I keep the old phone when doing a swap?

No, you need to send back your old phone and remove all your belongings: Google account, (e)SIM-card, SD card, data such as pictures, etc). It is not possible for us to recover your personal data or send back left SIM- or SD cards. Also keep the soft case back protector.

  • Remove your SIM card and/or delete your eSIM.
  • Remove your SD card.
  • Copy your data & apps to the cloud (e.g. Google Drive) or make a manual backup.
  • Remove your data & apps (quickest is Factory reset).
  • Remove your Screen lock.
  • Remove your Google account.
  • Remove the Soft Protective Case (you need it for your new phone).

Do not try to remove the screen protector - leave it on the display. 

If possible send the phone back in the original packaging. If you don't have it anymore,  pack and wrap it properly so that it is well-protected for damages during transport.


When can I ask for a swap?

We will arrange a swap when you have a confirmed hardware problem with your phone, or a part is broken. To confirm a hardware issue, you will have to perform some troubleshooting via our Troubleshooting tool, or via our Customer Support. Hardware problems will be handled through a swap, software issues will be covered remotely.


Why are software issues not solved through a swap?

Software issues can almost always be solved remotely. In general, this will be easier and faster than sending the phone back for a swap. Some software issues caused by third-party products such as corrupt SIM cards or downloaded apps can not even be solved by a hardware swap. Next to that, it is better for the environment if we solve it remotely (no transport costs, no new phone).


What if my phone requires a software update - will I need to swap?

There will be no swap required for software updates or issues. If you need a bit of guidance or have any questions, our Customer Support is happy to help you!


Do I have to pay for shipment of the phone for the swap?

No. We will not charge any shipping costs during your subscription. For the initial shipment of the phone, the swap, and the return of the phone you do not have to pay: we will take care of the shipping costs and provide you with shipping labels.


Where can I change my account details (personal, address, bank account)?

Via our self service portal you can change your personal details, address and bank account details. In case you encounter issues logging in:

  • Refresh your tab.
  • Refresh your browser.
  • Clear the cache of your browser.
  • Log in on another device.

If that doesn’t help, contact our Customer Support.


What happens if I lose my phone or it is stolen?

In both cases, report the loss/theft to the police immediately AND to us within 72 hours. After sending the police report as proof to us, we will validate the status of the phone as stolen or missing. After validation and a one-time payment of 150 euro (instead of the full value), we will send you a new phone.

To file a police report, you will need the IMEI 1 of your device. You can find it:

  • Printed on a sticker on the original packaging of the phone.
  • Printed on the delivery note that accompanied the parcel containing the phone.

Note, if you don't send in a police report, we cannot send you a new phone for 150 euro. In that case we will have to charge you the current value of the device. This value is based on a depreciation scale and takes the age of the device into consideration.


What happens when my phone is damaged?

To prevent any damages to the phone, we always ship the smartphone with a Screen protector and a Protective Case. You are required to use them to prevent damage. In the unlikely event that your smartphone no longer works as desired, or has damage, we ask you to report this as soon as possible.

You can contact us via email or phone and we will help you to solve this problem as soon as possible. We provide you a new phone if a Customer Support agent agrees this is the solution.


Can I repair or replace parts by myself?

No. We need to be able to diagnose the phone and its parts. This way, we can monitor and research manufacturing issues and user damages. So we want to do the repairs and replacement of parts ourselves. With a Fairphone Easy lease, you cannot do self repair, or outsource repairs to a third party.


What if I have water damage / I drop my phone in the water. Will Fairphone Easy cover the costs?

Fairphone Easy does not cover water damage. Water damage causes irreversible and unstoppable corrosion and can not be repaired on phones (yet). This means your phone cannot be repaired via the Fairphone Easy service as the device can not be re-used and has to be recycled.

In this situation, we will provide you with a new device. Alongside this, we will provide you with the out-of-warranty repair costs with a quotation from our repair center.


More information

The Terms & Conditions of Fairphone Easy.

Our Frequently Asked Questions.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.