IP Rating

We are happy to share that Fairphone 4 is the first Fairphone device to receive a certified IP (Ingress Protection) rating from the IEC.

It makes us very proud to get an IP certification while respecting the right to repair and allowing our customers to fix their phones by themselves.


The Fairphone 4 has an IP rating of 54.

The Fairphone 3(+) and 2 have no IP rating.


What does Fairphone 4's IP54 rating mean?

This rating shows that the device is weather proof (protected against splashing water). It is quite an achievement for a modular device to be resistant to water sprays from any direction. We could make this happen because we applied nano-coating on both the interior as well as the exterior of the device. This way we can raise the bar for longevity.


What do the numbers mean?

The first digit indicates the "Solid particle protection"

5 = Dust-protected: dust will not interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.


The second digit indicates the "Liquid ingress protection"

4 = Splashing water: water splashing against the enclosure shall have no harmful effect.


You can use your Fairphone 4 without being afraid of damage if you are doing "dry" sports or if it rains. However, you must protect and not use your Fairphone 4 while doing water sports or being outside during a powerful storm.


Warranty claims &  Liquid contact indicators

Fairphone 4 has several liquid contact indicators (LCI) inside its frame. Before performing any warranty repair, we will check the integrity of these indicators.
If the LCIs show signs of exposition to liquids, it will void your warranty.


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