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Fairbuds Spare Parts Replacement Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to replace various spare parts for your Fairbuds earbuds and charging case to make them more durable.

The Fairbuds modular design allows you to easily repair and replace certain components yourself. This guide will walk you through replacing the earbud batteries, charging case battery, outer shell, charging core, and lost earbuds.

If you are experiencing general issues with powering on, connecting, or using the basic controls of your Fairbuds, please refer to our Getting Started guide first: How to use your Fairbuds


-IMPORTANT- If you don't feel comfortable replacing the battery by yourself, contact our Customer Support, and they will arrange a repair for you.

If you prefer to contact us, you will need to share the serial number of your Fairbuds. You will find it on the original packaging or by removing the outer shell and battery from the charging case.



Replacement Guide

Table of contents:

Tutorial Video


Replacing your Earbuds Batteries

-IMPORTANT- Before starting any repairs, ensure the Fairbuds are not charging or connected to any devices via cable. Work on a flat, stable surface. Properly dispose of old batteries by recycling them locally.
  1. Removing the Silicone Ring
    Use your nails or a prying tool to carefully remove the silicone ring
    Pull up and over the outer earbud, avoiding over-stretching the ring
  2. Opening the Battery Tray
    Locate the +/- indicators to find the rotating battery tray
    Gently open the tray (it does not open completely)
  3. Swapping Batteries
    Remove the old battery
    Insert the new battery in the tray ensuring correct +/- polarity alignment
    Keep batteries and hands clean for optimal connection
  4. Reassembling
    Close the battery tray until it clicks shut
    Replace the silicone ring, aligning the raised outer lip correctly


Replacing Charging Case Battery

  1. Accessing the Battery
    1. Remove the screw from the bottom of the charging case
    2. Open the cover and remove the charging case core
    3. The battery is located at the bottom of the core
  2. Swapping Batteries
    1. Remove the old battery from the core
    2. Insert the new battery
    3. Place the core in the outer shell and secure the cover and tighten the screw


Replacing Outer Shell and Core

If you damage the outer charging case shell or experience charging issues, you can replace those components:

Outer Shell

  1. Remove the core screw and outer shell cover
  2. Take out the core and place it in a new outer shell
  3. Secure the cover and tighten the screw

Charging Core

  1. Follow outer shell removal steps and take out the core
  2. Remove the working battery and insert it into a new core
  3. Place the new core in the outer shell and reassemble


Lost Earbud Replacement

If you lose an earbud, order a new one from our website and follow these steps:

  1. Place the new and old earbuds in the charging case
  2. Once charged, perform a factory reset (press case button for 10 sec until LED blinks white)
  3. Leave case closed for 5 seconds, then reconnect to your devices


Additional Resources

Order replacement batteries and spare parts on our webshop
Contact support if you have any other issues