App Center for Orange

Orange offers to its Fairphone customers two special operator apps called App Center and Manual Selector.
The purpose of these apps is to easily deliver apps from Orange, such as 'Orange et Moi', to their customers.


When/how will the apps be enabled?

  • The installation of the App Center and the Manual Selector app will be triggered during the setup process only for Orange users.
  • When an Orange SIM card is inserted, the App Center will install for the main user*.

*The main user - called "owner" on the device - is the only user impacted by the app. Any other profile (i.e. guest, etc.) will have the app "disabled until used" and no notification will be shown.


Changing the network provider will not disable the app

Removing the Orange SIM-card from the device will not disable the apps automatically.

If you change network providers and want to disable the Orange apps, you must do this manually. Those are installed as system apps and can not be easily uninstalled, but you can disable them. Go to Settings → Apps & notifications → open See all apps App Center  Disable.

If you want to uninstall the apps completely, you will need to perform a Factory Reset.


App Center will install the 'Orange et Moi' app on the device automatically. This is a feature of the app itself and Fairphone is not responsible for the behavior and content of Orange applications.

*When you add a third User profile on your Fairphone, it might happen that this triggers the Orange apps. Choose Exit the app after you click on the notification to deactivate the app.


In case you have any further questions about this matter, contact your Orange Customer Center.