Fairphone 3(+) End of Sales

Since September 2021, we stopped the sales of the Fairphone 3. In November 2022 we sold the last of our new Fairphone 3+ devices. The production of the Fairphone 3(+) is discontinued and our sales stock is now sold out. Rest assured that we will still continue to support the Fairphone 3(+) for years to come!

We will keep providing troubleshooting assistance, repair services, spare parts and software releases for the Fairphone 3(+).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Where can I still get a Fairphone 3(+)?

Our sales partner network across Europe will continue to sell the remaining Fairphone 3(+) devices they still have in stock. We do not have an accurate overview of the sales partners and their current stock available. We suggest you contact the sales partners listed when you click the button Local stores on the product page. Then you can find out if they still have a Fairphone 3(+) available for you.

Q: Why can I still get a Fairphone 3(+) via sales partners?

You can still get Fairphone 3(+) via our sales partners because they are selling the remaining devices they have in stock.

Q: Can I buy a Fairphone 3(+) Core module?

No, Core modules are not for sale. The Core modules are only to be replaced by our technicians due to electrostatic discharge concerns. If you have a broken Core module, you can contact our Customer Support to send your phone to our service center. In case the device repair is not covered by the manufacturing warranty anymore, you can have a look at the repair price list beforehand.

Q: I want to send back my Fairphone 3(+) device/modules for recycling, how do I do that?

If you wish to recycle your old device, we have a Reuse and Recycle Program. We have an FAQ with all the important information.

For France and Germany, we have a Take-back program for Fairphone 3(+) modules. For everyone else, we recommend asking your local municipality or electronics shop about electronic recycling options.

Q: If you are not selling Fairphone 3(+) anymore, does it mean a new phone is coming out? If so, when?

Depending on availability and stock, the Fairphone 4 will remain for sale through our webshop and sales partners. Fairphone is preparing for its next big steps, with a focus on its product roadmap and the development of a new product and business opportunities.

At this point, we cannot disclose any more information about Fairphone's next product release but invite you to subscribe to our biweekly newsletter so you are the first to know.

Q: How is it possible to be End of Sale for a phone that was launched two years ago? Isn’t this in contrast with Fairphone values and longevity promise?

The End of Sales is not the same as End of Life because we will continue to provide repairs covered by the manufacturer's warranty, provide spare parts and plan extended software support. This way, we can help you to keep your Fairphone 3(+) in use for a longer time.

Q: Until when will spare parts be available on your website for Fairphone 3(+)?

We will provide spare parts until at least 2024.

Q: My Fairphone 3(+) needs a repair, but is not covered by the manufacturing warranty anymore. What do I do?

First, we recommend troubleshooting your issue to make sure that your issue is caused by a hardware defect. In case you need to replace some hardware, you can buy spare parts via our online shop. If you are not sure about what to repair, you can visit a local repair shop for a diagnosis, or contact our Customer Support to send it to our repair center.

It is also possible to recycle your phone with us soon.

If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.