FP4. Fairphone OS Release Notes

Fairphone OS releases for Fairphone 4 5G (FP4), based on Android 11 (A11), available for the open market.

Here you will also find the updated list of new features, bug fixes, and security patches of each release. The date and availability of system updates may vary by network carriers or country.

To take advantage of the latest improvements and security fixes, make sure to update to the latest Fairphone OS.


Fairphone 4

Fairphone OS version FP3Q.A.094.20211213 (Android 11) - December 21, 2021

New features

  • Security Patch Level: 5th of December, 2021
  • Remaining features will be added soon


Fairphone OS version FP3N.A.091.20211118 (Android 11) - November 29, 2021

New features

  • Security Patch Level: 5th of November, 2021
  • Added the possibility to hide/show the network name on the status bar when on the main screen.
  • Fixed some incorrect animations during the Setup Wizard.
  • The network compatibility for several carriers has been enhanced.

Fairphone OS version xxxxx (Android 11) - xxxx xx, 2021

New features