Delivery Damage to my Parcel and/or Fairphone Product

If your parcel arrived but you see damages on the outside or inside, act quick. Also in case you do not see any damages, we recommend to unpack your delivery as soon as possible and check if the product is working.


Visible damages

When the carton of the packaging feels moist, is repackaged, has footprints on it or shows dents, you can refuse the delivery. It will ship back to us and we ship you a new order.

If you accepted the delivery:

  1. Check the packaging:
    1. If it was damaged when you received it, take pictures of all the visible damages.
    2. Notify immediately, preferably within 24 hours:
      1. Your carrier. In some instances, they may refer you back to us.
      2. Contact our Customer Support.
  2. Check the content of the packaging. If something appears damaged or is missing:
    1. Take pictures.
    2. Notify our Customer Support as soon as possible.
Keep all the damaged packaging. Our carrier may collect this from you to assist in any investigations required.


Other damages

It is possible that all seemed well but you encountered some issues that could be related to the transportation of your product.

To make sure the issues are not related to transportation:

  1. Charge the battery for over an hour. Sometimes the battery is empty upon arrival.
  2. Take the display module off and put it back on again.
  3. Batteries are sometimes sent separately from the other items in the order due to shipping regulations.
  4. Check our other troubleshoot pages to exclude any other issues (see also point 5 below).


Faulty product

All Fairphone products we deliver to our customers go through an extensive process of quality control checks. Even then it can still happen that you receive a product that does not function well.

In the world of complex tech devices, this is - unfortunately - an inevitable occurrence. There is even an eery name for it: Dead On Arrival (DOA).

When you happen to be so unlucky to receive a DOA product: our apologies for the inconvenience.

In case this concerns a spare part or accessory, contact our Customer Support.

When you have a DOA phone, we have a process in place to make sure that you will get a replacement phone as soon as possible.

  1. Contact our Customer Support as soon as possible and within 30 days upon delivery of your product.
  2. Customer support provides further instructions and shipping labels to send your Fairphone back to our repair center in France.
  3. When we receive your phone we will give it a quick inspection - with priority.
  4. If your phone has a manufacturing defect, we will send you a replacement product immediately.
  5. If the phone is not functioning because of user induced damage or 30 days have passed since delivery, different rules apply.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.